Vikings of the Week #11

Reilly Wiscombe, Hallie Fitzsimmons, Writer, Photographer



Dara Williams, Freshman

“I started running in the summer of 7th grade. Yeah, I went to the middle school meets – the 1 mile races. It’s really relaxing to me and everyone on the team is really supportive. Running is a lifestyle.”


Ali Miro, Sophomore

“I think people should take more opportunities in high school. I think most people don’t understand the opportunities they have in high school before they get tied down with college and jobs. Take advantage of your freedom.”


Ricky Vargas, Junior

“My whole family has played soccer their whole life, we’re all Hispanic. When I was 4 I was put in little league in LA. I was in little league until I was 9. Then I moved here and I started playing on Fusion Academy and then I played on the team here at west.”


Remy Dujakovich, Senior

“I like soccer. I started playing when I was 4. I play because my parents started me on a recreational team and I just started going and I liked it. Its my favorite sport. I’ve played all four years. I play defender.”