Vikings of the Week #12


Kylie Drake, Katie Scolo, Freshmen

“We met this year, so I’d say 8 months maybe 5. couple  of months. We met in math together.”


Andy Hui, Sophomore

“I like to hang out with my friends and do work.”


Kaelynn Keener, Junior

“I like taking of animals. I’m obsessed about ninja turtles. stay in class, do your homework, turn your work in on time, and listen to the teachers.”



Jack Snyder, Senior

“I swim iim in stucco, thats important to me. Yeah I do a lot of activities. I started swimming when I was four and kept doing it. Stucco is a lot of fun I got involved freshmen year and loved it ever since. I cant wait to see where I go to school, I’m thinking of majoring in business.”