Vikings of the Week #4


Kaylyn Olson

Top Left: Coby Cole Top Right: Seth Happel Bottom Left: Hannah Heaton Bottom Right: Matt Barron

Juliane Francia

Coby Cole

I have a fear of elevators. I’ve seen videos of people getting stuck in elevators and it’s just scary to me. When I’m on an elevator I always just think about if I’m going to die. My cousin showed me a video in fifth grade of one getting stuck and I’ve been afraid of them ever since. My foot has gotten stuck in between the doors before. ┬áIf I ever got stuck in one I would have a panic attack. I don’t know how I would get out. I wouldn’t be able to do anything because I would be too scared.

Seth Happel

I found $500 on the ground at Wal-Mart. It was crazy. It was two years ago. I gave it to customer service and the guy gave me $50. I thought about keeping it at first, but then I realized that was the wrong thing to do. If I had kept, I would’ve put most of it in a bank account. The other part, I would’ve used to by my cousin stuff or donate to charity. If I was the one that lost the money I would’ve been so worried because it could’ve gone to so many other things.

Hannah Heaton

I’m working on swimming Division I in college. I’m not sure when exactly I started swimming but I think it might have been second or third grade. I got into competitive swimming in middle school. Our coach has made us a lot better. Last year, I wanted to go to state and I did. This year I hope to drop my time a lot and swim for Iowa State in college. I like swimming because it is an individual sport and a team sport. My main event is 100 m butterfly. my main goal this season is to go to State for an individual event and to get on the podium for 100 m butterfly by the end of high school.

Matt Barron

My heritage is very diverse. My mom is full German and my dad is full Latino. It’s really cool – growing up like that was something that I enjoyed. My dad’s side would always have Mexican food and my mom’s side would havee German food. I just like the diverse heritage I grew up in. I’ve been to Germany before because my mom has family there. It was cool because I got to see how she grew up there. My parents actually met in Germany. Being from different backgrounds allows me to see how different people live and that even though [I’m] not American, [I’m] not that different. Everyone is unique in their own way.