Vikings of the Week #13

Reilly Wiscombe, Hallie Fitzsimmons, Photographer, Writer


Michael O’Neill, Freshman

“I do lots of hanging out with charlie[His brother]. I run track, I play video games but I don’t have a job. I’m hopefully going to work at 3&2 baseball this Summer in the concession stand. I played baseball for 3-4 years until I missed the deadline to sign up in fifth grade and I just haven’t signed up since. I’d rather watch than play the game.”


Lauren schen, sophomore

“I want to be a pharmacists when I grow up because I really like chemistry and I want to make new medicine or come close to curing bad diseases like cancer. I hope to either go to KU, ASU or UMKC because they all have a really good program. Everyone in my family is either a baker, chef, or scientist. Plus [Pharmacists] make bank that will feed my expensive tastes.”


Megan Baudry, Junior

“I like painting. I first started last semester when I took the painting class in school and I paint on my own now. I’ve painted parrots, flowers, mountains, and beaches.”


Ryan Bautista, Senior

“I want to be an artist but the term artist is used very loosely so I’m probably going to get a mortuary degree as back up. I want to be a mortician that prepares dead bodies. I want to go to SAIC; It’s the art institute of Chicago.”