Vikings of the Week #3


Kaylyn Olson

Top left: Jamie Wankun Top right: Amber Reed Bottom left: Rahyee Byers Bottom right: Deray Johnson

Jamie Wankun

“I ride my bike a lot, for some reason I just really like to do that a lot. I like to draw too. I always thought about how it would be cool to be an animator. I have just always liked to draw just little cartoons on my homework and stuff. I’m going to be in an art class next semester. I just like that I can draw whatever i want.”

Amber Reed

“[I have a passion for] cross country. I’ve done it since fourth grade. I like to run in general; I just like the feeling of running. Everyone is so nice [on the cross country team] and it’s just a big family. [A runner’s high is] when you’re really light and airy and you feel like you can do anything. I went [to state] last year. It went well; I got seventh. It was a pretty hard course but it ended up being nice. I plan to run in college and for the rest of my life. I just love to run.”

Rahyee Byrs

“I want to play football in the NFL. I started playing football in the fourth grade. I like hurting people, trucking people, juking people, making people look bad. I just like going beast mode. This year isn’t my year but next year will be. [My favorite team is the] Minnestoa Vikings cause my favorite running back plays for that team, and I’m a running back.”

Deray Johnson,

“I encourage everyone to do a sport or be in an activity. I do the 400 meter, 200 meter, and 4×4. I’ve been on track for three years. It’s a good sport to get in shape and it’s not competitive like football or basketball and you meet a lot of people. It’s intense, I have to say I get really sick to my stomach before a race.”