Vikings of the Week #8

Reilly Wiscombe, Hallie Fitzsimmons, Writer, Photographer


Ring Ring, Jake Turner, Freshman

“We’ve been friends since sixth grade. Were both fighting over the same girl at one point. I was like dude i’m gonna whoop you, but then some other dude starting dating that girl and then we became friends. ”


Devon Seeger, Sophomore

“I like Drake because hes awesome. He can beat everyone out. He gets all the girls and he was an actor on Degrassi. His dad taught him how to rap. I want to grow up and be like Drake because I love to rap.”


Laura, junior

“I’m really passionate about my boyfriend, Jonny Masterson. He always supports me in all my decisions. I like the fact that we fit so well together. I like how we can push each other to be better athletically and in life in general.”


Shakyra Nichols, Senior

“When I grow up I want to be a social worker and have a foster home. I want to be a foster parent because I aged out of foster care this year and there are many great people and we need more great people. I want to show kids not that everybody is the same.”