Vikings of the week

Reilly Wiscombe, Hallie Fitzsimmons, Photographer, Writer


Ashlee Olson, Freshman

“I’ve been doing dance since I was three years old. Im on JV dance team and we are a family. I like having a “big” sister because they inspire me to do better so I can make varsity next year. I love waking up and having dance first block because it sets a good tone for the rest of my day.”

Nikki Johnson, Sophomore

“ROTC is kind of my whole life. I enjoy it because it’s a good leadership program and you bond. It’s a really good family. I want to go into the marines. I don’t know what I want to do after; start up a family maybe. My mom was in the army for six years and my grandpa was in the army so its kind of a family thing. ”

Tammy Hamatto, Junior

“I’m really passionate about leadership and that’s why I’m really involved in Student Council and Site Council. I’m involved in a lot of things. It’s helping me be prepared in what I want to be when I grow up, like being involved in the state department in being a foreign service officer.”

Rachel Harvey, Senior

“I’m really passionate about Beyonce. I just like to ball out errday. She inspires me to rock out. She inspires me to be fabulous and express my inner diva. Ball is life. When I hear her lyrics like “I woke up like this”, I just feel inspired. Just be a boss.”