Summer Bucket List Ideas

Hannah Miller

May 14, 2015

1) Worlds of fun/ Oceans of Fun Enjoy a nice day at the amusements park with 43 different rides. 2) Schlitterbahn Head out to Kansas City, KS to ride the tallest water slide in the world. 3) Play in the rain Grab...

Summer Events

Amanda Berck

May 19, 2014

If your looking to get out of the house, spend time with your family, or want something to do with some friends here are some local events and festivals coming up! MAY WESTPORT ROOTS FESTIVAL: Uniting performers and lovers of Am...

Best Summer Ever

Hanna La Londe, Writer/Photographer

May 15, 2014

Students of SMSD do not have 104 days of summer vacation like Phineas and Ferb, but 80 days is enough time to have a great summer. No we can't all be phenomenal 10 year old architects or build a time machine, but there is...

Upcoming Summer Concerts

Amanda Berck

May 1, 2014

Summer is coming up and many concerts are coming to town. Throwback artists such as Styx, Journey, and Paul McCartney are dropping by the area . Even your favorite artists from 3rd grade will be playing like Avril Lavigne and...


Hanna LaLonde, Writer

April 24, 2014

Only five weeks are left in my seemlingly never-ending junior year. Three AP classes and two Honor classes have suffocated my brain with more knowledge than I could ever know what to do with. At this point in the year my grades...

Summer Musing

April 15, 2014

With summer close enough to taste, its hard not to let your mind wander towards the endless activities that it holds. Most of the time, of course, such rumination is considered negative, lazy and distracting. However, there are...

KC Track Sharks Summer Club

Holly Pratt, Writer

April 14, 2014

KC Track Sharks is offering a summer program for anyone interested in being active and making new friends! You don't have to be a track member to join the summer program. KC Track Sharks offers both competitive and non-competitive...

Soalrium Spring Break Madness Sale

Madison McDaniel

March 13, 2014

Solarium Super Tanning Salon is just as excited for Spring break as the rest of us. Wednesday, March 12th marked the first day of the 5 day long sale. All tanning packages offered at the salon are 50% off and all tanning lotions...

Shorts in Winter

Madison McDaniel, Writer

February 18, 2014

A heat wave has began to sweep through Kansas and many students have not failed to notice. Shorts, tank tops, and skirts sweep the city as the heat rises. Is 50-60 degrees warm enough for these clothing choices? The controversy...

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