Summer Bucket List Ideas

Hannah Miller

1) Worlds of fun/ Oceans of Fun

Enjoy a nice day at the amusements park with 43 different rides.

2) Schlitterbahn

Head out to Kansas City, KS to ride the tallest water slide in the world.

3) Play in the rain

Grab a buddy and dance around in puddles.

4) Hike

Put on your shoes and break a sweat scavenging through the woods.

5) Cliff jumping

Hold in the tears mid-air as you are free falling for a second.

6) Paddle boarding

Shawnee Mission Park has paddle boating and boarding.

7) Sleep outside and watch the stars

Lay under the night sky with a cozy blanket and pillow.

8) Drive-in movie

Drive up to the theater and chill in the back of your car watching a movie.

9) Buy a fish

Do something different and just buy a fish.

10) Paint

Express your creative skills and set free with a brush and paint.

11) Make pottery

Get handsy with some clay.

12) Watch a sunrise

Wake up at the crack of dawn, sip some coffee, and enjoy the sunrise.

13) Fish

Head out to the lake and try to remain patient while trying to catch a fish.

14) Omaha zoo

Take a 3 hour road trip to one of the most famous Zoos.

15) Lake

Laugh and play with one another lake side.

16) Write a love letter

Tell that someone how you really feel, the old fashioned way.

17) Play with puppies at Petland

Visit the cutest things ever at Petland and fall in love.

18) Make money

Get a job so you can afford what you want.

19) Sand volleyball

Play dirty in the sand, winning a game or two.

20) Roller blade

Put on some roller blades and skate around for some fun.