Only five weeks are left in my seemlingly never-ending junior year. Three AP classes and two Honor classes have suffocated my brain with more knowledge than I could ever know what to do with. At this point in the year my grades are subpar, but I am trying my best. From dance team tryouts to dance competitions and nightly dance classes, I just can’t find free time to do extra studying. I get the necessary homework done, but I definitely put the projects and long-term assignments off until the last night. All I want is the sweet smell of summertime and the weight of school off of my shoulders. Therefore, I believe that junioritis is real.

I have come to realize there more and more things to consume my time: homework, dance rehearsals, more homework, Netflix, and most importantly, sleep. Even if I get in bed early, before 10:30, I still wake up tired and find myself nodding off throughout the day. There are so many things going on at school because every teacher thinks their class is the most important.

Sure, the seniors may say that junioritis is stupid, but I don’t know why the seniors complain; they only have two weeks left. I understand the lack of motivation because the weather is becoming more like summer. What I don’t understand are the complaints about ONLY TWO weeks left. Like seriously, the rest of us have one, two, and three years left.

But in the end we all want the same thing: freedom from school aka summer. Although the struggle to complete homework and projects is present, I will continue to persevere through this stressful year. I just hope that senioritis won’t beleaguer my whole life next year.