Summer Movies: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly


Photo Courtesy of Warner Bros.


The Conjuring 2– One of the great horror sequels in recent memory, “Conjuring 2” gets the job done with gorgeous cinematography and a chilling performance from Madison Wolfe, who harkens back to Linda Blair in “The Exorcist.”

Lights Out– Oddly enough, another horror film. The scares in this film are tremendous, and the performances are genuine. But, the best aspect of this film is the screenplay’s intelligence and raw human emotion exuding from these characters.

Gleason– This triumphant documentary is equal parts heartbreaking and uplifting. Never before had I seen the trials and tribulations of an ALS patient up close and personal. Please see this film. 


The BFG– It just didn’t have the charm of previous Spielberg films. Not to mention to infantile humor, culminating with fart jokes.

Captain Fantastic– This is basically a piece of communist propaganda hiding behind a “cute” little indie film. Don’t let it fool you.

Batman: The Killing Joke– This adaptation of a controversial Batman comic can’t transcend mediocrity. You can find it on blu ray now, but there are far better Batman animated films out there.


Suicide Squad– This is the worst film I’ve seen this year. It’s truly atrocious.

Hillary’s America– I hate Hillary Clinton, but this documentary trying to expose her and the democratic party just plain sucks. It nearly put me to sleep.

Free State of Jones– This Civil War film also did a pretty good job of almost putting me to sleep. Simply a good performance from Matthew McConaughey does not a great film make.