Soalrium Spring Break Madness Sale

Solarium Super Tanning Salon is just as excited for Spring break as the rest of us. Wednesday, March 12th marked the first day of the 5 day long sale. All tanning packages offered at the salon are 50% off and all tanning lotions are 30% off. This sale is a huge deal for the salon because it is their biggest sale of the year that if offered by Solarium.

This busy season for Solarium has just started and everyone is piling in to make sure they get tan for spring break and summer. All of the beds in the salon are constantly in use as the amount customers is quickly increasing.

This sale is an excellent opportunity for people who usually tan in the Spring.

Building a glowing base tan before Summer helps customers to get a radiant, dark tan in the summer rather than starting to tan at the beginning of summer and only building a light base tan.

Tanning during summer is also an option that a lot of people like because your tan can be controlled. Instead of staying out in the sun for hours and later looking red and feeling burnt, you can go tan in a salon for just a few minutes and get a nice bronze color.

Indoor tanning can also increase vitamin D levels and help to treat skin conditions such as eczema and acne.