The Earth is on Fire

Ainsley Smyth and Lynnlee Johnson

September 6, 2019

      The Amazon rainforest forest fire has been sparking attention and action from both world leaders and social media. The fires began around the beginning of August, but the story’s social media presence took several days to weeks to build up. The Amazon helps produce oxygen and co...

AJ Verdini on the 2012-2013 Football Season

August 7, 2019

Starting varsity quarterback AJ Verdini, Junior, gives us some insight about this years upcoming football season. Q: How do you feel the first few games went? AJ: I feel like the first one went really well. The second game didn’t go as ...

West Side Show

West Side Show

August 7, 2019

Tim’s Thoughts: My Favorite Movies of the 90s

August 7, 2019

10. A Few Good Men 9. Good Burger 8. The Green Mile 7. Good Will Hunting 6. Silence of the Lambs 5. Happy Gilmore 4. Fight Club 3. Forrest Gump 2. Pulp Fiction 1. The Fugitive...

A Sophomore’s Opinion

August 7, 2019

Freshman year was a whirlwind of new experiences, people, classes, and activities.  Last year the class of 2015 was finally in the “big” high school and got to do the two things middle schoolers look forward to most: playi...

7 Questions with Ramona Mansour

August 7, 2019

    Q: What has surprised you the most about West? Ramona: There are so many different things to do during the year like sports, clubs, and Relay For Life.   Q: What is your favorite part of West? Ramona:...

Recycle This Newspaper

Caleb McDairmant, Design Editor

October 8, 2018

Pollution, global warming and overpopulation: these are just a few of the most controversial and important issues concerning the environment. But though these issues are controversial, the choices we make every day affect the env...

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