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A Sophomore’s Opinion

Freshman year was a whirlwind of new experiences, people, classes, and activities.  Last year the class of 2015 was finally in the “big” high school and got to do the two things middle schoolers look forward to most: playing sports and going to school dances.

As elementary and middle school students football games are a fun way to hang out with your friends and show pride for your future high school. Although it isn’t until the first game of freshman year that you feel like a true Shawnee Mission West Viking.  With seeing the cheerleaders, dance team, and marching band make the tunnel for the football players to run through before the game, this only helps to build the anticipation for an exciting and hopeful victory.  Although forced to stand in the back of the bleachers by upperclassmen, the student section is by far the best place to be during football games.  Jumping around shouting “I believe that we will win”, a chant led by senior guys, gets the student section hyped for the rest of the game.  Football games are one of the most looked forward to fall activities.

During the football season, in October, is the first dance of the year: Homecoming.  Homecoming is the first dance freshmen are able to go to, which can make it a new and exciting experience that so many high school students look forward to, no matter what grade. At first, when you think about going to a school dance for the first time it can be nerve wracking. With wondering if you will get asked, to the thought of who will be in your group or what you will wear, these can create agitation in a young mind. Many sophomores this year would tell the incoming freshman that there is hardly anything to worry about. One of the most important aspects of the dance is who you go with. They would suggest that you go with your good friends, this way you are guaranteed to have an awesome night. Just as importantly, you should make sure your date is friends with the majority of the people in your group so they don’t feel awkward or get bored.

The restaurant is also an important group decision. Depending on what you and your friends decide, the choices for pre-dance restaurants vary from a Japanese Steak house on the Plaza to a bit cheaper stop at Applebee’s or Cheddars.

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While all of this is fun, the majority of the people who have gone to Homecoming would say that the after party was the best part of the night. So plan ahead! Find a house you can go to where the parents don’t care if everyone stays at least until midnight and be sure to have something to do. Rent movies ahead of time, set up a music system and have good party food! To double the fun, you could plan to meet up with another group after the dance.

After football season ends, basketball games can be a great way to spend a chilly winter Friday night with friends and show some Viking pride.  The pep band is there to play band chants and the fight song to keep the energy up on the court.  The varsity dance team is also there to perform before the game and a routine at halftime.  Along with the band and dance team are the cheerleaders.  The cheerleaders get to show off their new stunts they have been working on since the football season ended.  Basketball games are just another exciting way to support our school.

Come February, during basketball season, it will then be the lady’s turn to gather their courage and ask a guy to WPA! Women Pay All is more relaxed than homecoming, so take that opportunity to go somewhere really fun for dinner. The Legends holds many options for food, such as T-Rex and Cheeseburger in Paradise. Just like Homecoming, the after party is important to

After 5 or 6 football games, basketball games and Spring Show, there are the always anticipated after parties.  For the price of three dollars, a West student with their ID can get snacks, soda, and entrance to the after party with a DJ on the bridge.  The after parties are from 9ish-11 o’clock sharp on the bridge here at West.  They are a great way to celebrate a Viking victory, or bring up spirits after a defeat.

Freshman year can be a very overwhelming time because of a new building, new people and harder classes, but dances and sports games are great things to look forward to.

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