Summer Musing

With summer close enough to taste, its hard not to let your mind wander towards the endless activities that it holds. Most of the time, of course, such rumination is considered negative, lazy and distracting. However, there are rare occasions in which it should be permitted. As the stress builds when all of your teachers begin to pile on last-minute projects, indulge yourself and escape for a few moments into the soon-to-be-real world of summer.

Picture yourself free of obligations and responsibilities as you romp through an endless, open-skied field, where everything is giggles and freedom. You collapse under a tree and gaze lovingly at the cloudless sky. Cold and school are both far away and the unstoppable warmth starts with you and ends at eternity.

That was pretty nice, wasn’t it? Unfortunately when you open your eyes and snap out of it, you are still surrounded by stress and countless assignments that you don’t want to do. But don’t worry; there’s always something to look forward to, and that impossibly far away summer will be here before you know it.