Shorts in Winter

Is it too soon for shorts?

A heat wave has began to sweep through Kansas and many students have not failed to notice. Shorts, tank tops, and skirts sweep the city as the heat rises. Is 50-60 degrees warm enough for these clothing choices?

The controversy with this topic is, when should students pull out these clothes?

“Like a month before school ends,” said Freshman Madison Balazs.

Summer clothing should stay locked away in your closet until at least April. There are lots of factors to take into account, including weather, personal hygiene, school climate, etc.

“When their legs are shaved,” Sophomore Courtney Rains said.

Technically it is still winter and very chilly for shorts.

“it is acceptable after spring break,” Freshman Emily Tracy said.

I suggest wearing layers on these warmer winter days. With the unpredictable conditions here inside the school you never know when you will be caught with goose bumps. Layers are especially convenient here at west because of these temperature changes throughout the school. Layering enables you to dress correctly for any temperature.

Be sure to dress according to the weather.