Super Slimey Album Review

Dre'Von Bradley, writer

For some artists, releasing music is less of a marathon and more of a sprint. Two examples of artists who release music at a fast rate are Future and Young Thug. Since 2014, both artists have released 14 projects, and Super Slimey is the most recent project released between them.

A collaborative retail mixtape, Super Slimey has 13 tracks, with two solo tracks by Future and two by Young Thug. The retail mixtape only has one feature, that is by Offset, one of the members of the Migos. Production credits include Southside, London on da Track, Mike Will Made It, and TM88.

For being a collaborative project, there aren’t really any songs in which Future and Young Thug trade lyrics. The songs are all structured in a way that has one rapper doing the entire verse until the other one comes in. That showcases both rapper’s strong suits, in my opinion, and they both get their own chance to shine when they get their own full verse.

Listening to the mixtape from end to beginning enhances the experience, as there are many key tracks throughout. One of those tracks is “Killed Before,” a solo track by Young Thug. His delivery on this track is definitely different but still very enjoyable. It also reads a little bit like an anthem as well, like when he raps that he “ain’t going broke until 2070.”

Future’s main highlight on this project is the song “4 da Gang.” The song gives Future a chance to shout out his friends, family and, most importantly, Seth Firkins.

Seth Firkins isn’t exactly a familiar name but he was a sound engineer who worked heavily with Future and the Atlanta rap scene in general. Not only did he work with rappers, he also worked with R&B and pop artists. He died a little over a month before Super Slimey was released and it later surfaced that all of the tracks included in the project were songs that Firkins worked on.

The emotion is also heavy on the closing track, “Group Home.” Thug raps, “I cheated on my fears/I broke up with my doubts/Got engaged with my faith/And now I’m marrying my dreams” to start out the song before himself and Future lay out some powerful verses.

The mixtape isn’t without its share of high energy celebration with tracks like “No Cap,” “Feed Me Dope,” and “200” to round out the more slow paced tracks.

Overall, Super Slimey is a fantastic collaboration by two of the most active rappers in the game right now.