SYRE Album Review

Dre'Von Bradley, writer

Jaden Smith has done many things at the young age of 19. He’s acted in movies, created a slew of thought-provoking tweets and, by following in the footsteps of his father, has become a rapper.

His first project dropped in 2012 when he was just 14. He dropped another mixtape two years later before taking time off to work on his debut album. His long-awaited debut album, titled SYRE, dropped on November 17, 2017.

Recorded over three years, the album features only a small amount of guests which are his sister, Willow Smith, A$AP Rocky and Raury.

Jaden worked with both low and high profile producers on the album, who create an atmosphere unlike most rap albums out right now. The production has been described as alternative and even electronic during certain songs. This type of production compliments Jaden’s rapping well.

Jaden isn’t just rapping on the album though, he also sings. In fact, it’s the most he’s sung on any of his projects. This is important, as his singing adds more depth to his music and makes him more versatile.

Key tracks here are the four-part opener “B L U E” “Falcon” “Batman” and “Watch Me.”

“Watch Me” contains a prominent sample from “Black Skinhead” a song by rapper Kanye West, someone that Jaden has been compared to in the past. Jaden raps on “Batman” with a flow reminiscent of Drake on “Jumpman.” “Falcon” is an integral collaboration with rapper/singer Raury, another young artist who is full of potential.

“B L U E” is a four-part song with epic qualities. Each part is different from one another, yet each part ties together, forcing the listener to listen to the whole song. That sequence is the best part of the album but the rest of the album is quality as well.

With an album as good as this at such a young age, Jaden can make even bigger and better things. The future is truly bright for this young man.