Pure Heroine Album Review

Brianna Cole

Lorde, the sixteen year old phenomenon, shocked the world with her single “Royals“. With the excitement from her EP, The Love Club, fans have been anticipating her new album Pure Heroine.

Pure Heroine is a ten track album filled with intricate beats and a unique sense of style by Lorde. The whole album is very thought provoking. Lyric by lyric, Lorde demonstrates details through her words.

Okay, so I’m basically obsessed with this album. It’s simply fantastic. It’s impressive to see such a young girl perfect her craft at such a young age. Lorde represents maturity, the way she sings and tells stories is fabulous. Most aspiring teenage artists thrive off of Pop Top 40 garbage, but this young lady really has a successful career ahead of her. At sixteen, Lorde’s first album is pure gold…I can’t imagine how great it will be when she’s twenty-one.

First, allow me to compliment Joe Little’s (Lorde’s producer) beat selection. This Alt-Rock sound incorporates deep bass rumbles that will blow a listeners mind. The electronic yet calming sound could be compared to The XX and their style, very relaxing.

The album is worth buying, best album of 2013.