A Letter to Sophomores

Juliane Francia

Dear sophomores,

Congratulations – you are no longer at the bottom of the food chain, but you’re still second to the bottom so don’t get too cocky.

If you ask me, sophomore year is probably the easiest year in high school, and I’m sure other people would agree. The classes aren’t that hard, you’re used to how high school works, and college isn’t even on your radar yet. Enjoy this stress-free year, because I promise you it will never be like this again.

Take advantage of how easy this year is – join new clubs, try out for different sports, get a job. Now is the perfect time to do these things. You have a little more than two long years ahead of you and they will definitely go by faster and be more fun if you’re involved.

This is also the year most of you start driving so enjoy the freedom. Driving is fun until you have to start paying for gas or you get into your first car accident. With freedom comes responsibility, so be smart and safe when you’re on the road.

Lastly, don’t forget that not too long ago you were a freshman. Be nice to them and be a person they can look up to.