“(Fight) To Learn” ~A Poem~

(Fight) To Learn ~A Poem~


Is like shining a lamp

In the dark holes of the blind eye.

It is a refreshing realization,

A caught breath after stumbling

and struggling to find

Clean air.

It is epiphany

                and enlightenment;

Vibrance after blindness.

Wipe away the smoke

from your lense.


And let it in:

Don’t fight it


Fight for it.

The mind is such a lovely garden—

Worth harvesting—

A product

of what you (choose to) feed it.

Nourish it with seed

Or litter;

But it if feed it litter,

Don’t expect flowers to grow.

Cherish the beauty of the mind,

And appreciate the wonders of your hands.

There may be seas of opportunity

Among our parched earth,

But you are only fully quenched


You allow yourself to swim in its vastness.


Knowledge is an immense,




You’d think

Most would like

Being able to see.