A Little Bit off the Top (10 Best Songs About Haircuts)

A Spotify playlist inspired by a recent haircut I endured.

Alex Ralston, Co-Editor-in-Chief

This past Friday, I went to go get my hair cut on some strange impulse, and regretted it immensely. Every time I walk out of Great Clips or Supercuts or what have you, I feel the worst remorse, as if I was the victim in Alexander Pope’s “Rape of the Lock.” I know my hair looks fine to most people and that it grows back eventually, but for a short while, I try to hide my shame under baseball caps as best as I can.

A handful of musicians have expressed my same lamentations through song over the years. I’ve always noticed references to hair in music, but I’ve never really thought long or hard about it. But this past mane misfortune really made me think — which artists incorporated hair into their songs best? So, here you go: in the spirit of a lame Buzzfeed listicle, here are my top 10 favorite songs that have to do with hair.