One Direction breaks up

Hallie Fitzsimmons

The world is crushed upon hearing the shocking news on Wednesday, March 25.

The iconic band One Direction has lost one of their members Zayn Malik. Malik has decided to call it quits.

As this is currently the most important story to surface since the beginning of the new year and hormones are through the roof as adolescent teens are crushed with this news. With rumors circulating why he decided to leave, it is said that Malik wants to live a “normal life”. He felt unable to take the stress that comes along with being apart of the biggest boy band on Earth as of now.

This can’t help but bring up questions on whether the band will stay longer, but the bandmates left have confirmed to plan on continuing without him.

Malik is 22 years old, having been apart of the band for the past 5 years. Malik is currently engaged to Perrie Edwards, a singer for the group Little Mix, after being together for 18 months. Preteen directioners are pointing the finger at the singer’s fiancé for his departure from the beloved band.

Senior at Shawnee Mission West, Reilly Wiscombe, opinion on the bandmate splitting.

“I don’t care, who cares? He was ugly anyways!” senior Reilly Wiscombe said on the split.

“I don’t even know which one that is,” senior Kaylyn Olsen said.

Malik himself has not yet tweeted anything. There will have to be a long mourning process for the youth of America as they will have to overcome this worldwide tragedy.

Here is a composite of tweets on other people’s opinion of the split.

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