The Curse of the Pink?

Hanna La Londe, Writer/Photographer

October is Breast Cancer Awareness month. High schools and colleges across the country have pink out games where players can wear pink gloves, socks, shoe laces, and more. For the past few years West has worn old white football jerseys that were died pink during the annual Pink Out game. With this Pink Out game has come tragedy though. In 2012, Robert Rice, the senior quarterback, broke his leg. In 2013, Andre Maloney, a senior and Division 1 bound player, suffered a stroke during the Pink Out game.

“Right when it happened, I couldn’t feel any physical pain from my leg. There was just a lot of disappointment about my season being over,” Rice said.

Now, the upperclassmen at West are feeling superstitious.

“With Robert our sophomore year… and Andre last year… It just brings bad vibes” senior Maddie Loe said.

“I think that Coach Callaghan and the football team should vote if they want a Pink Out or not” senior Megan Rongish said.

The football team will not wear their pink jerseys this year because it is too hard to die them a good pink. However, the players will still wear pink accessories.

This year, the game will be for Breast Cancer and Stroke Awareness.