Senior Sizzle, You’re Too Late

Breaking News: Adults are worried that Senior in high school will be under the influence on their last day.

The motive for Senior Sizzle is to implement a safe and fun scene without the use of alcohol and drugs. Every time the event is brought to my attention by a student or staff member, the “no drinking or drug use” is stressed. My question is why is this is a concern on my last day of high school?

In elementary school we were proud participants of DARE. In middle school we looked down upon the few who experimented with drugs and alcohol. In high school we walked into a realm where drinking and drugs could not be ignored by the eye. As  a child, a police officer came into my classroom a couple times out of the year and stressed how my life will be spent in jail if I attempted to underage drink or tamper with illegal drugs. Let me remind you, even if the officer told me my tacky Limited-Too outfits were banned, I’d believe him.

I guess I’m just confused on how the negative effects of drinking and drugs were taught to me while I carried around coloring books rather than now. And if implementing a drug/alcohol free party after our last day of high school is supposed to encourage us to choose a more “safe” path in the future, then I have two words for you: WAKE UP. After this summer, we will all be heading to college, a place where there isn’t a large group of DARE participants.

If people are worried that students will be drinking/doing drugs at Senior Sizzle, then they’re too late. Stop making children who don’t even know what color marijuana is learn about what harm it can do. Instead, help and guide the age group that it is exposed to.

Thank you.