Movie Review: The Theory of Everything

Hallie Fitzsimmons, Writer

The limitations on science are nonexistent. In the movie “The Theory of Everything” scientist Stephan Hawking explores the beginning of time itself. The only thing is Hawking has one limitation himself.

He was diagnosed with a motor neuron disease which was diagnosed as being fatal. From that time Hawking got his degree from Cambridge, got married, had children, and published his bestselling novel “A Brief History of Time.”

Hawking is played by the talented Eddie Redmayne. The beginning of the movie starts with Hawking’s love interest Jane, who played by Felicity Jones.

Soon in the movie Hawking falls and is diagnosed with the disease. The amount of talent that Redmayne possesses to make it look believable is incredible. You can feel Hawking’s pain and frustration with not being able to move as he wishes.

The triumph of the story is when Hawking learns how to talk again. He learns from a system of colors with letters in each group. From that they develop a machine that works on the same basis from a remote.

It seems as though movies like this wouldn’t have good reviews because you know the ending, but it’s not about the destination, it’s about the journey.

The camera shots were beautiful, and the editing was unlike any other movie. It was shot in a montage-like sequence with a somewhat vintage feeling. This makes the movie more exciting and enthralling because it’s not just another biographical movie.

The soundtrack was interesting because it is mostly instrumental songs giving you the ability to focus more on the dialogue and movements in the movie. It’s not particularly a “chick flick” but has that kind of feeling in the film at times with scattered humor throughout the movie. The humor makes it be able to be broadcast to a wider audience.

This movie exceeded my expectations and I don’t believe you have to be particularly interested in Hawking’s life or science. I would recommend it to everybody. It portrays the true inspiration of human dedication and courage and the central theme that anything is possible.