New Weekly Blog!


I have recently found a love for writing poetry. Now, you might be thinking oh no, not the sappy love poetry. My poetry on the other hand is about love but not the sappy love. I love nature and being in nature and that is where I have found inspiration for my poetry. Lots of the scenes that I depict in my poetry are from the area around Pineville, MO. I have family that lives near Pineville and the picture above depicts just a small glimpse into the beautiful scenery.

I am going to start a weekly blog sharing my love of nature through poetry with you. Writing about something that I love is an amazing thing. It makes me feel happy and refreshed after I read or write something about nature. I hope that my poetry will bring you a refreshing moment of peace from the ever day world with the imagery intertwined within the words.

Abby Stuke



The calm of the sparrows song

River ever flowing over little pebbles.

The light of the new day brightens

As cool crisp morning air tickles my nose.

Hiking those hills,

Beauty at its finest,

To find happiness

For this weary mind.

The soaring eagles,

Effortlessly gliding,

Take perch on a whispering pine tree.

Whispers that take you away,

Away from the world,

All the struggle and pain.

Shadows flicker

As the fire burns bright

While faint pops

Fill those empty spaces

Between conversations

Of ones who love one another.

This is the time

Though short and brief,

That I feel the most at peace.