Blind in the Darkness

Looking for a light
Where everyone is blind
Here, darkness consumes everything
No thought is clear
Intoxicated by lies
He stood behind me
Warm touch but evil eyes
Chained at the wrist
Stuck in a place with no light
He started to deteriorate me
Made me small
He was all I could sense
Creating a scar no one could see

I was beginning to fade away
His grasp on me diminished
As he left me to fend for myself
Even after he was gone
His words haunted me
I was alone, contaminated by a ghost
Supposed to be sentenced to forever darkness
When a faint glimpse of light appeared
It was so far away, It wan’t real… my mind was playing tricks on me
I turned my back to the light
Leading myself farther into the dark
Curiosity got the best of me
I wanted to see if this light was still visible
It was there. And it had gotten closer.
This wasn’t a lie

Shocked, I couldn’t help but walk to it’s miraculous rays of light
It was so close I could feel its warmth, but it wasn’t just light
It was a person
An extended hand
I was so poisoned, I didn’t know whether or not to trust
Finally he became impatient and took my hand
Everything changed
I was no longer surrounded by darkness
My world had color again
I was free
No more lies
No more intoxication
I was no longer chained at the wrist
The ghost was truly gone
I had been saved by a person
He told me that he was sent to rescue me but with vision clouded by the ghost, I couldn’t see or hear him
He waited and waited
Watching from a distance as I faded into nothing
He wanted to help me but it was useless
He continued to wait
He couldn’t give up on me
He knew that in the end it would be worth it
He gave me hope and made me happy