“The Glass Wall” Poem

Jade Tonjes, Writer

My dreams are so close, so close that I can almost grab them

Grab them and live the happy life I desperately wish I could guarantee

Every time I think of moving towards them, I hit a glass wall

A wall called self-sabotage

I could easily push through but I let myself hit it

Only seeing my dreams through the glass, convincing myself that I’ll never reach them

I fall back down, having to be built up all over again

There are only so many times I can build myself up before I give up

I need reinforcements to keep me steady

But I have anxiety which makes me more susceptible to fall

I can’t help but overthink everything at 3:28 in the morning when I wake up from a nightmare

I know I have a few years before I need to make a final choice

And although that saves me from rushing into things, it leaves me with all this time where I could

Hit the glass wall, Hit the glass wall,





Now it’s a few years later and I have to make a choice

That’ll make or break my existence

Can I push through the glass wall?

Can I leave my self-sabotaging behind?

Can I overcome my overthinking

And let myself live the life I dream of living

Where I don’t have to fall down and rebuild myself every few weeks

Where I don’t have to rely on the reinforcements called people who hold my hand and keep me steady

I need to learn how to stand up and let myself grab my dreams