A Letter to Juniors

*Thinks about third quarter of junior year* *Throws up*

Juliane Francia

Dear Juniors,

You are halfway through what is arguably the hardest year of high school and I wish I could say it gets better from here, but that would be a lie.

When I think of junior year, this is what comes to mind: hours of homework, the awfulness of the ACT, stress about college, and countless mental breakdowns. This is the year your teachers and parents and basically any adult tells you to start getting your life together and start thinking about your future.

College. It seems far away now, but in less than a year you’ll be filling out applications and writing essays for scholarships. What you accomplish in your junior year really does affect your chances of getting in to the college¬†you want. With that being said, do your best to excel this year – actually prepare for ACT, get involved in after-school activities and community service, and do the assigned reading for Walker’s class.

Keep in mind that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Soon you’ll be seniors and laughing about how awful junior year was.