Thoughts On Senioritis

Alright class of 2012, you have made it through 13 years of school (excluding pre-school of course) and you are finally coming to the end of your monotonous seven-hour days of school and moving on into the land of more sleep (hopefully), less time spent in class, and more independence. Exciting, I know, but we all know that it makes these last few months of school incredibly hard. Your countdown to Spring Break has passed and your vacations (or stay-cations) have passed, so what’s left to look forward to except for graduation? Not a lot.

So here’s a little advice from a senioritis-infected master procrastinator: try to make little plans between now and graduation that you can look forward to. Such as a concert or sports events or maybe even a picnic, who knows? Then get a countdown app on your smart phone if you have one and have it on your main screen so that you’re constantly looking forward to that event, or if you don’t have a smart phone put it on your calendar and mark off the days until it happens. I know it seems small but having something to look forward to can really help you make it through your everyday life because you know that in the near future you’re going to be doing something fun, or at the very least something different.

Now when it comes to the actual schoolwork, I don’t have much to tell you. It’s going to be hard to do work in class let alone do the busy work that they assign for homework. I’m hoping that most of you pulled off at least decent grades last semester to pad the inevitable lackluster grades from this semester. If you had bad grades third quarter, then you’re just going to have to buckle down and work hard for the last two months of school. I mean you can do it, it’s just one quarter right? The motivation meter is running low, most seniors are basically running on empty, but if you guys can just make it through the next month or so the rest will be smooth sailing, and then…SUMMER!

I was going to make this longer, but senioritis kicked in….