Coaching Matters

The first time all season the Chiefs went against on what worked and well, it was a hefty price to pay, failing to create a substantial gap between the first place Chiefs and the next closest threatening team (the Raiders) and suddenly this division is up for grabs, unexpectedly and preposterously. A week ago, no team posed a genuine threat and everyone was adamant that the playoffs were greatly feasible.

Were the Chiefs going to just breeze through the meager schedule, probably not. There was bound to be a hiccup. Especially with a young, rebuilding team that is one thing that was nearly inevitable. In hindsight and before the season took off, 5-3 would be a more than stellar start compared to what everyone envisioned. But, you can’t get highly complacent and condone failing to capitalize on a distractingly meager schedule and blunders by inferior teams. Now that everything is in front of them and is their division to lose, it’s going to take solid coaching and a well-devised gameplan each week. They can’t afford to overlook anybody and I think Todd Haley has a firm grip on that. A true sign of good team is winning despite all the mishaps and overcoming that and demonstrating your resiliency and maybe are still continuing to hit and miss and haven’t entirely figured it out.

Frankly ,the last 2 weeks the coaching has been extremely abysmal and the transition has been thoroughly rough into becoming resilient after tough losses. This week will provide them with that chance and should be able to chew up on an abysmal Broncos team, who is wildly depleted of talent and proper coaching. They absolutely have to run the ball and adhere to their plan something they abandoned and started to panic against Oakland which prior to Sunday won them games, which gave them a gut-wrenching lost in the Black Hole.

Charlie Weis needs to have Matt Cassel as least involved as he can and eliminate the over aggressive play calling and understand more passing attempts will hurt your chance to win and with the last ranked passing offense and best rushing attack it’s completely inane. It seems that his ego has been barging in and he is determined to fix Matt Cassel to prove everyone wrong. And that just can’t happen for the Chiefs to maintain their progress.

There is nitpicking to be done here.┬áThe Chiefs still haven’t beaten a winning team and have looked hideous at times. But what’s unprecedented is that they might make the playoffs in a REBUILDING YEAR. Although people say they only are improved in record, I genuinely believe they are gradually making headway and guys are starting to blossom. They essentially have at the least 3 pro bowlers on defense, a RB who leads the NFL in YPC and an offensive line who is starting to mesh and gradually progressing.

Now, it’s up to Todd Haley and a highly touted staff to propel and will their team to the postseason and realize what what gives them the best edge (Like having Jamaal Charles in a majority of the snaps) and not let anything raid their progress. The coaching is what will lose them games and implode down the stretch, and on the flip side it’s the blueprint to win games and take the AFC West division title home for this team at this point. It’s what really matters.

Photo credit: David Eulitt/MCT