Actually read this it’s applicable

As I sit in class on my last day of senior year and reflect on the school decisions I’ve made, one stands out above all the rest; Why did I wait so long to do every project ever? What was the motivation behind my procrastination, rather, where was the LACK of motivation. I speak for many fellow seniors when I say projects suck and it is a pain to do them. However, after being in Marla Dercher’s english class I have learned the value of the time teachers give us to do these lengthy assignments.

“Here’s this essay you have a month to write it blah blah blah..”

“Wow that means it’s not homework tonight so I can do it later.”

NOOOOOOOOO! WRONG! NOT AT ALL! Listen loud and clear. That month or 2 weeks or whatever is given to you so that you have the exact right amount of time to research, prepare, and finalize whatever project you are doing. Use it wisely because it will pay off in so many ways.

1. Your projects are way better – well thought out, well-developed, educated projects go over smoother with teachers and make you feel dank when you get those A’s.

2. Less stress – we all know the mini heart attack we get in the last days before a 200 point essay is due. If you’ve taken the time to prepare it and finalize your work, when the deadline comes you’re already ahead of the game and on your way to that sweet, sweet A.

3. Real life application – the habits we make now will last a lifetime. If your tendency is to slack off and put stuff off until the last minute, NEWSFLASH, you’re screwed in big boy world. Teachers may have grace for a late assignment but your boss won’t.

Take it from a senior who has potential out the butt but wasted like 420% of it because he was too lazy to apply himself. Straight A’s will turn to… not straight A’s and teachers (Kelli Gill) will call your parents and make them sad. So now is the time to change your ways Vikes. I promise it will pay off in the long run.