Giving Tuesday

Kim Truong, Writier

Giving Tuesday, a lesser known movement after Black Friday and Cyber Monday, is a day to give back to your community and donate to many campaigns or organizations.

Giving Tuesday was created at the Belfer Center for Innovation and Social Impact at the 92nd Street Y center in New York City. This day is used to encourage and celebrate giving to others since 1874. Organizations like United Nations, team up to motivate people from all over the world to give back to their community by donating their time and effort to solve local challenges.

On Giving Tuesday, many begin non-profit campaigns that raise money and awareness for a problem in a community, no matter how big or small the challenge is. For example you could raise awareness on animal shelters and rescues.

Using social media as their main platform, Giving Tuesday is now spreading awareness with the hashtag #givingtuesday. Those who participate can publicize their campaign or actions online using this tag. This tag has sped up the campaigning process and caused people from around the globe to donate.

There are many other ways to participate in Giving Tuesday, like donating to a campaign or charity. Because of the many holidays and cooler weather coming up, many people need more help to provide the right resources and conditions for their families. Donating is an easy way to lend a hand to those in need and spread a little holiday spirit.

However the easiest way to take part in Giving Tuesday is to do a small act of kindness. It doesn’t have to be a big, elaborate campaign to bring others happiness. You could spend some time and volunteer, for example. The possibilities are endless as long as you do something kind to others and have fun!

With so many options to participate, Giving Tuesday is a perfect opportunity to help your community during the holiday season.