’15 Takes the Throne

The time has come. The class of 2014 is on their way out. As sad as that is we must look on the bright side. There is a new breed of vikings on the rise. Next year’s seniors, the class of 2015, have big shoes to fill.

Before we go on, let’s take a look at classes who had a lot to live up to. My freshman year the class of 2011, ’11 for short, were the big men on campus. Stacked with legends such as Mcardle, Michael Garrett, Skins, Pascal, SuchHumpNasty just to name a few, this was a powerhouse of SMW classes. As they graduated and 2012 stepped up, much anticipation awaited their arrival. Sadly, they did not produce. Class of ’12 fell short and is said to be one of the weakest of all time.

“That was the worst class ever” says one current junior. It’s safe to say we all agree. But their reign was short-lived and class of ’13 didn’t have much to do. They believe themselves to be a majestic, god-like class… that’s not the case. But what they lacked in humility and selflessness they made up for in athleticism, pumping out a state-championship football team as well as a two-time Gatorade Athlete of the Year in Alli Cash. However, the class that followed brought back the majesty of old.

Since their beginnings at good ol’ SM West the class of 2014 has had an impact on this school. As freshman they were athletic beyond compare, sociable, and influential. As sophomores, they continued their journey to greatness. As juniors just a short year ago, the realization of achieving a place among the great classes began to emerge. They quietly shared the glory of a state title with ’13 but deep down knew the triumph that would behold them in the coming school year. Throughout this 2013-2014 school year the seniors have continually achieved greatness. Athletics, academics, school spirit, and general awesomeness. We persevered in the face of tragedy, and celebrated in the glory of triumph. Through it all ’14 has remained proud.

But now they are moving on, continuing their various journeys, leaving behind this small part of their long lives. However, they are leaving it in good hands. As next year’s seniors prepare their hearts and minds for senti tweets and Dercher papers, ’14 can rest easy as they trust that these young guns carry out another lasting legacy.