PDA Police

A group of seniors against the public display of affection

PDA Police

The PDA (Public Display of Affection) Police made their debut last week and were on the prowl. The PDA Police consist of a group of senior men against the show of couples’ unnecessary show of affection in the hallways. PDA has been a growing problem at West. Many people complain about this overwhelming affection they see displayed by couples, but no one acts upon it.

“It’s mostly about showing respect to others. We don’t think other people want to see that [PDA], so we’re here enforcing some of the rules the staff are too scared to” said Martin Higgins, senior.

The PDA Police wore whistles around their neck and did not hesitate to blow them. When asked approximately how many times senior Juanyae Stallings had blown his whistle, he replied “60 to 100 times… In six blocks. It’s not the West Way at all”.

“We’re just trying to keep the halls of West clean. Red cards are given for anything that is kissing and above aka hands getting a little handsy. Hugs and hand holding are yellow.  Playful bumping into each other is just a warning” said Mitchell Wade, senior.

Although the PDA Police were very vigilant their first day on the job, the force has kind of faded out as the week nears an end. Although the men made a very good attempt to stop the unnecessary public display of affection in the hallways, some couples still refuse hide their love lives.