Pi Day

Today is Pi Day! Now you might be thinking I’m missing an “e” in that name, but I’m not. I’m not referring to the delicious desert, but the math term.

You may be asking why today is National Pi Day, well here is your answer. As many people who have taken math know, the math symbol, Pi, represents the number that starts with 3.14.

If you are still confused today is March 14th, making the date 3/14, which is the beginning numbers of Pi.

I was unaware of this holiday until my precalculus teacher, Mr. Tennant, brought it to my attention. We celebrated Pi Day in class by eating many different types of pie while using pi in math.

Many math lovers, math classes, and bakers are enjoying this day, as it is one of the more fun, if not only holiday that involves math.

So enjoy Pi Day everyone, and eat some pie while you’re at it!