Is West Really a Family?

If we don’t act like a family is west really as close as we make it seem?

Every time a major event happens at West all anyone can talk about is how West is a “family”. But what about the rest of the time, when we aren’t winning state championships or going through a tragedy? What happens to the close bind the West community supposedly shares?

Where’s the family aspect when we hear rude comments about how someone looks or dresses sweeping through the halls? What about when a student snaps at someone else in class because they don’t agree with what is being said?

It’s easy to say that we are a family in times of extreme joy or sadness. But to truly be as bonded as everyone says we are, we can’t gossip or bully others included in the family.

Instead we should accept everyone as they are because in 10 years no one will remember who wore the most expensive jeans. Instead we will remember the love we shared for West and the community.

After all, once a Viking always a Viking.