Freezing Spring Break

Spring Break isn’t supposed to be this cold.

Every since I can remember, spring break in Kansas has been cold. If you want some warmth you have no choice than to travel. When I think of spring break I think of swim suits and sunglasses, not hoodies and boots.

Spring is about cool breezes and fresh flowers, but why is it so cold? There has been debate over if this spring break will be cold or not this year. Possible snow fall is expected in the upcoming week which doesn’t sound like much spring.

Hopefully it will be warm enough to partake in some spring activities for those taking a stay-cation without being bundled up. Such activities include picnics, walking through the park, and playing recreational sports outside.
If spring break ends up being warm this year it will be the first time in the last three years or so.

Lets all keep our fingers crossed for nice warm weather this spring break.