Disappearing Plane?

The Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 carrying 239 people has been missing since Saturday, March 8. No one knows for sure what exactly happened to it while it was making its trip from Malaysia to Vietnam. The plane’s transponder turned off or stopped working, so the air traffic controllers could not see in in their radars. There is some evidence to suggest that it made a u-turn as it left Malaysia and stopped somewhere in the ocean between Malaysia and Indonesia.

Another theory is that this is an act of terrorism.Two men on the plane were carrying stolen passports, but they were apparently trying to move to Germany using the passports. There is also no connection between these men and any terrorist organizations. Although, the fact that the plane changed course is suspicious, but that could have been due to some sort of electrical error. The pilot could have wanted to return to an airport he knew to have it looked at.

It could have been some sort of crucial mistake made by the pilot, but there is no evidence of that so far.

Here are some more details about the theories surrounding the missing plane.

Now you can even help to find the plane using satellite photos on this site. There are some short instructions, then you can easily begin scanning the ocean.