Spotlight Spectacular

Hallie Fitzsimmons, Writer

This year, Shawnee Mission West Choir is having its 17th annual Spotlight Spectacular.  Spotlight will be held May 14th and 15th.

It is a mix between a choir concert and musical. There are several choreographed dances, solos and group acts.  Each dance is choreographed by Anne McCrosky.

The audition process starts before spring break and then the list is posted after break.

“Students who want to audition may start preparing as early as January or a few months before. They pick their music online and learn it. 80-90 people audition and then 20 are narrowed down,” senior Madrigals singer Katherine Riedel.

Every choir class, in every grade, is required to participate in the show.

“Spotlight rehearsals starts at the end of April after we finish our contest season. Then all our class periods are dedicated to that,” Reidel said.

Each choir has its own act and chorale has 2 acts. Then all the choirs are on stage for the finale, which has a theme for each year. This year the theme is Beach Boys. The theme of the show will also be showcased on the Spotlight t-shirts that are worn the week before the show. Each class has their own color as well, you can tell which grade a person is in.

On stage rehearsals begin the week before the show.

“It’s a really good turnout the night of the show. It’s the easiest choir concert to get people to come to, especially because it’s 2 nights,” Reidel said.