The Beginning of the End

Hanna La Londe, Writer

As I say my goodbyes to my Class of 2014 friends, I can’t help but feel a little excitement along with the sadness; senior year is here. Senior year is the time to rule the high school, get involved in every activity you’ve been hesitant to participate in and take the easiest classes possible to still get into the college of your dreams. Sounds pretty realistic to my seventeen year old ears, but class schedules are beside the point (mine is actually kind of hard).

I’ve noticed myself following a common senior trend. “OMG, this is my last first day of school.” “Woah, this is my last first football game.” Soon enough those last firsts will turn into just lasts. It’s time to get my act together and make every day I have left at West worthwhile.

While many days of my junior year were spent in a half-conscious and always tired state, I am challenging myself this year: no yawning after 10AM. This may require a lot of coffee because my days start at 6:30AM on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday.  “Yes! This is my last first early morning practice!” Thank you dance team. Yes, it is a lot of early mornings for a poor tired senior like myself, but the team has the potential this year to do well at competitions. If time in the mornings is what it takes to be successful, it’s just something I’ve got to suck up and do.

Class of 2018: If you are reading this, you are already on my good side for making your way to your new school’s website! You rock. My hope for you is to get involved in as many activities as possible. As a current member of the dance team, student council, National Honors Society, Spanish National Honors Society, Freshmen Mentor Program, and Relay for Life committee, I cannot stress the importance of getting involved and staying involved! When you walk across the stage at graduation in May of 2018, you will want as many cords around your neck as possible (you’ll learn about graduation cords later on).

Classes of 2016 and 2017: Congratulations, you’re now upperclassmen! The freshmen are looking up to you as much as they are to the seniors. Remember to be nice and helpful, but still make sure they are at the back of the student section on game day. Your time to stand in the front row will come soon enough. Stay classy and be nice to your teachers, especially Mr. Walker.

Class of 2015: We made it! This is our last year together so let’s make it something really special. We’ve been through extreme loss together and immense triumph during these past three years, so let’s show the younger classes how strong and prideful we are to call ourselves Vikings.

Senior year will be full of memories that I hope to reminisce on at our reunion in 2025, but for now let’s just make it through the first few weeks of school without crying.