Post Concert Obsession

After going to my first concert without parental supervision, I haven’t been able to get the experience out of my head. Before then I only had the opportunity to go to concerts that my parents or entire family wanted to go to. Let me tell you, seeing the concert of an artist that you actually enjoy personally is a million times better than a concert your parents drag you to.

In a world of consistency, routines, and flat out boredom, going to a concert seemed like a revival to me. I felt alive and genuinely happy listening to music that I love with an intimately large group of friendly strangers that shared the same passion for this artist as I did. Beats bounced on my ear drums and at that moment, I honestly felt like that was the happiest I had ever been in my life thus far. It felt good to feel free.

So after about a month and a half, I know for sure my new found love for concerts will never fade. You will see me jamming to the less lively version of the music that revived me and if you looked at my internet history it would be filled with the Google search “concerts in 2014.”

So my advice to the shy music lovers out there is: GO TO A CONCERT. It will change your life but beware. The day after you experience a concert for the first time you will understand what I mean by “post concert obsession.”