Senior Karl Wallace, geared up for Mr. Viking, with the help of Seniors Alex Elliott and

Taylor Yates, for a knock-out routine that will light up the stage.

The Mr. Viking pageant is a Senior Sizzle fundraiser. The senior boys competed in several events such as: talent, beach wear, and formal wear. In order to be crowned the seniors not only had to win over the crowd, but the judges too.

Wallace, Elliott, and Yates planned on having a great time and hopefully getting the crowd to go wild.

“I think it’s gonna be a lot of fun, and make his mom really happy,” Elliott said.

They originally got the idea from Cadet Teacher Mrs. Flora, who suggested that Karl participate in Mr. Viking. Elliott was very anxious to be a part of it.

“Taylor and I wanted to be his escorts just to experience it with him,” Elliott said.

Cadet teaching is not the only time Wallace and Elliott spend time together.

“I work with him outside of school for Helpers, Inc.” Elliott said.

Helpers, Inc. is a company that provides necessary help for families in need of assistance with volunteers. The volunteers go out weekly and spend time with the family completing necessary tasks, like having quality time and mentoring with Wallace.

Wallace is a positive influence on many students at West with his bright personality and endless optimism.

“He is one who smiles more, laughs harder, and loves freely. He lights up the room, and everyone is just happier when he is around.” Elliott said.

When Wallace is not bust, he is spending time with his friends at school, which is something he enjoys most. He is a very interactive person and always has a big smile on his face.

When Wallace is at home he enjoys listening to lots of music, which varies from Justin Bieber to  One Direction, and he loves watching Hannah Montana.

“He [also] loves Kids Bop,” Elliott said.

After getting to know him and spending lots of time with him, Elliott has been greatly affected by him in a huge way.

“He has made me a better person,” Elliott sa