Attention Grabbing Ads

College students are feeling stereotyped with recent insurance ads

Obamacare started off rough with not a lot of support. The website had difficulties for over a month and several questions about the new idea are still unanswered. The policies affect every one and some new ads have risen to remind people of the benefits of health care.

Many of the ads are aimed at college students, but some of the ads have gotten backlash. One ad reads “Keg stands are crazy, not having health insurance is crazier. Don’t tap into your beer money to cover those medical bills. We got it covered.”  stereotyping the average college student as needing this “ Brosurance”.  The ads went live Tuesday morning in Colorado with a link to hoping to reach out to young adults. They were a collaboration between Colorado Consumer Health Initiative and ProgressNow Colorado Education.

I went around asking the seniors of West about their opinions of the ads. After interviewing seven different people I got a lot of the same response of the ads being “ stupid” or “not informative”. Senior Jamie Kelly called the ads “ Vulgar with an uncertain idea” most of the seniors felt it stereotyped the average college student as only wanting to get drunk. Overall the students felt  it was a little offensive. Chenyenne Elkins and Makayla Lalier said the ads made them not want insurance. Some student even said the ads made them feel uncomfortable.

I asked Gordon Wetmore, social studies teacher, his opinion on the idea of the ads “ I think the idea is smart” he laughed several times and then continued with “Its overall a good ad but its not informative enough, it’s just telling you to get insurance.”

Both left and right wing media seem to agree that the ads are just overall stupid. Hopefully soon someone realizes they aren’t working and stop while they’re ahead.