Movie Review: American Sniper

Hallie Fitzsimmons

What is more American than this movie? Nothing. It is one of the most uplifting and inspiring true stories, ever. It captures the true American spirit in everybody.

This is the story of Chris Kyle. A man living in Texas when he joined to army. Before he left the for his first tour, he met his wife. His deployment was right after the 9/11 attacks occurred.

While I have never been across the sea to fight in a war, I can imagine that this movie was a pretty accurate portrayal of what war is like. It seemed to not have a big Hollywood influence as well. The editing in the movie was a little choppy, but it was on purpose, which added to the effect of the movie. You were able to see Chris Kyle through his 4 tours of deployment. Through this time, he had two kids.

You were able to see the devastating effect of PTSD on Kyle while he was home. He was a prestigious sniper to the US military. There was an emotional problem with his position as he had close calls with some of the local children. You can feel the anxiety and sadness throughout this film.

The ending is pivotal and empowering. He finally rejoins with his family and tries to overcome his PTSD. While the very end is confusing and unexplained the most reflecting you get is from the credits. It ends with real life footage, and the credits roll with no music, which adds to the ambiance of the whole film. A moment of silence for our heroes.

This movie is a must see for every American. It really gives you an appreciation for everything you have, including your freedom!