Five Star Dance Competition 2014


The Golden Girls dance team attended the Miss Kansas Drill Team Competition, better known as Five Star, on January 17 and 18. The event was held at Olathe South High School.

All solos and duet/trios competed on Friday. West had three varsity solos, one varsity duet, and one junior varsity duet compete. One soloist, Junior Hanna La Londe, was in the Winner’s Circle with a Top Soloist Award.

Saturday was the team competition. The Golden Girls varsity officer dance was the first to compete for West and received a Top Officer Dance Award. Next were the ensembles or small groups. The varsity team competed two: one jazz, choreographed by Gabby Reed, and one lyrical, choreographed by Hanna La Londe. Next, the varsity team competed their lyrical, pom, hip hop, and combined routines.  Junior varsity competed their hip hop, jazz and combined routines.

The both teams received the Sweepstakes Award, and varsity was also awarded the Shining Star Award, which is given to schools who competed three or more dances and received high scores in all dances competed. The varsity lyrical and junior varsity dances received the Judge’s Award for Showmanship and Energy. The varsity pom dance received a Judge’s Award for Choreography for their pom dance, choreographed by assistant coach Lauren Wilson. The varsity jazz dance received a Judge’s Award for Outstanding Technique and the junior varsity jazzdance received a Judge’s Award for Polish and Precision.  West was one of four schools to receive Judge’s Awards in all four categories.

The Golden Girls will compete again on Saturday January 25 at the Northern Stars Dance Invitational hosted by Lee’s Summit North High School.

Photo credit: Bill Thomas