Ways to have the best college experience ever

For all the seniors headed to college, anxiety about getting ready for the new chapter in your life is typical. Luckily, here’s a list of ways to prepare for college:

1. Keep dorm decorations to a minimum

Moving in with boxes and boxes of posters and knick knacks tends to look a little ridiculous to the more experienced members on your floor. Instead, only bring one or two things to put up on the wall, such as a twig or a deer head. It’s a minimalist design and a good conversation starter. Plus, it saves on lots of space.

2. Don’t waste time bringing tons of clothes

All you really need is about one t-shirt, two pairs of pants, and one pair of shoes. You’ll acquire so many free t-shirts over the course of the semester, there’s no need to bring tons of boxes of clothes!

3. Save on laundry money by going all natural

A big money suck in college is all the quarters wasted on those ineffective machines. Alternatively, you should wash clothes in a body of water- such as Potter lake in the KU campus. That way, you can oversee the entire process and save the environment!

4. Be grateful

Bringing sheets and a pillow makes you seem like a spoiled brat. The college is nice enough to supply you with a mattress, make the most of what you’re given and just turn up the heat at night.

5. Don’t worry about getting along with your roommate

If any issues arise, say you lost your key- the dorm will be forced to change the lock. Then, when they give you new keys, take your roommates’ and say “Don’t worry, I’ll get it to them.” Easy way to get a room to yourself if you aren’t getting along with them!

6. Don’t worry about classes

There’s a reason you only take 15 hours of classes- the campus takes your education as seriously as you do (which is to say, don’t take it seriously.) You’ll get easy A’s by just enrolling in a class.

7. Worried about getting lost?

No worries! Just grab onto a student’s backpack and follow them around. They tend to know where they’re going. Bonus: you get a new friend!

8. Never listen to any advice I give you.