Embracing Technology

As soon as it was announced that SMSD would be transitioning to technology based learning next year by giving third to eight graders iPads, and high schoolers Macbooks, the uproar started instantly.

“Kids don’t need that much technology!”

“What about actual books?”

Everywhere there’s people talking about the repercussions of younger generations having more technology integrated lives. Kids who don’t get to experiences reading printed books and the “hopelessness” that comes from hearing a story about a two year old attempting to swipe right to open a book. Third graders who have iPhones, and there’s immediately less of a focus on kids playing outside.

The amount of times I have heard, “I can’t believe we’re entrusting our future in the hands of kids who can’t disconnect from their devices,” is honestly, a little bit heartbreaking.

My question for everyone who doubts a more technology focused future: why is this so bad? Because your children’s childhoods won’t be exactly like yours? Frankly, I can’t help but wonder if everyone who thinks technology is a bad thing is just in denial.

Like it or not, this is the way the future is headed. Kids are going to grow up knowing how to use Apple products from a very, very young age. They’re not going to know a life without technology.

The simple truth is, already every single part of our lives is effected by technology. Eventually, there will be very minimal demand for more physical jobs such as factory workers, janitors, and even garbage men. One day, technology will be able to handle all of that. Is that a bad thing? No, it only makes our lives easier. Jobs will be more mentally demanding, which encourages stronger education and higher skills training.

Technology allows for us to have instant communication to everyone in the world, increasing a sense of community with everyone- even if it’s not face to face. Technology is just the next phase in human evolution, and it’s time we all stop ignoring that.

The world is evolving and denying children the right to embrace that by discouraging the use of technology is only going to harm us. By using iPads and Macbooks, we can have completely online textbooks- helping our environment and conserving paper and trees.

Children from disadvantaged families will be able to have equal access to online material from home in a manner that is completely free of cost to the family, encouraging more at home learning. Teachers will be able to share materials with children more effectively and conveniently. By connecting students via tools such as Google Drive, students will be able to communicate with each other more efficiently.

Whether people want to see it or not, there are a million advantages to embracing a more technology focused future. It’s going to happen either way- it’s up to you to allow it to live up to it’s full potential.