True Life: get off your phone.

While flipping through channels, I started watching an episode of True Life on MTV. This one was titled, True Life: I Have Digital Drama. While this kind of show usually makes me cringe, I was in the mood to mindlessly watch something. I started watching halfway through, so one of the stories on it didn’t seem drama-filled at all, good for her. On the other hand, the other girl’s story was ridiculous.

From what I saw, her relationship with her boyfriend was imploding because they both spent way too much time on Facebook. Each of them were talking to other guys and girls online and the girl was accusing her boyfriend of cheating on her. While he definitely seemed like he was cheating on her, this isn’t what bothered me the most. When they finally started to seriously talk about their relationship and their problems, the girl was on her phone the whole time her boyfriend was trying to talk to her. She even took a call from another guy.

She then gave her boyfriend an ultimatum: he had to stop using Facebook and give her his phone password or she will break up with him. He didn’t think it was worth it, and they decided to end their relationship. She began seeing another guy just a few days later.

Now there are many things I feel the need to comment on after watching this tragic True Life:

  • If someone is making an effort to talk to you, don’t pay more attention to your phone than you do to them. It isn’t that difficult to multitask, but it can be rude.
  • When your internet use is getting in the way of your real-life relationships, there is a problem. Balance is important.
  • And if it’s gotten to the point where an iPhone password is going to save your relationship, it’s probably too far gone.